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Upcoming ITC Professional Development Webinars

Funky and Free
Nov. 4, 2014 - 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern Time
Presenter: Milissa Copeland, Instructional Designer III, University of Central Oklahoma

Capturing the Spirit: Virtual Writing Center with Reference Support
Nov. 18, 2014 - 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern Time
Presenters: Janice Lathrop, , Head of Reference, and Dr. Jessica Rabin, Professor of English and Director of Writing Tutoring, Anne Arundel Community College

See descriptions for these presentations and the schedule for ITC's Professional Development Webinar series through December 2014.


ITC Newsletter - Summer 2014

Thank you to all of the ITC members who submitted an article for ITC's Summer 2014 Newsletter!Online Writing Lab (OWL) Logo

The Excelsior College Online Writing Lab: Bringing Writing Instruction to Life by Crystal Sands
Online Professional Development for Teachers With a STEM Focus by Jeannette Shaffer
Putting a Face to Online Learning by Jason Whitesitt
Saving Students Money through the Maricopa Millions Project by Lisa Young, Ph.D.
The NOVA Adoption Model for Open Educational Resources by Wm. Preston Davis, Ed.D.
Rowan-Cabarrus Students Participating in Innovative X-Culture Program by Debra NeeSmith
Flipping Faculty Development by Olysha Magruder
Clemson Online Blog: A Next Generation Newsletter by Carleen Shaffer, Ed.D.
AACC Virtual Writing Center with Reference Support: Tutors and Librarians Collaborate to Facilitate Retention and Success for Online Students by Jessica Rabin
Using Collaborate to Connect with Adjunct Faculty by Chris Heyer
Formula for Success: A “Mix and Match” Approach to Non-Credit Certificate Completion by Kathryn Caro
Medium or Message? by Curtis Kleinman
Welcome to ITC's Newest Members - Summer 2014
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Submit an article for the Fall 2014 issue of the ITC Newsletter. The deadline is September 5, 2014.  Please include photos or graphics with your article.

State Authorization for Institutions that Offer Distance Education to Out-of-State Students

Photo of Christine MullinsOn May 21, 2014, the Department’s negotiated rulemaking panel failed to reach consensus on language the Department of Education had proposed in February 2014 that would have restricted a college’s ability to offer federal financial aid to distance education students located in another state, if the college lacked approval from the state in which the student is located.

In 2011 and 2012, the courts had "vacated" a similar regulation that the Department of Education proposed, because the Department had not followed the proper procedure, such as issuing a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM), soliciting public comment, etc. This time, the Department is following the proper regulatory process.

Since they did not achieve consensus from the key constituents on the rulemaking panel (who would likely have lent their support to a negotiated proposal), the Secretary of Education is now free to write and issue his own proposed regulation, or choose not to regulate at all. Inaction is unlikely, however. Pam Moran, who represented the Department during the meetings, told the negotiators that the requirement that states actively monitor out-of-state distance learning “is not something the Department is willing walk away from.” If it chooses to go forward, the Department will publish the NPRM in the Federal Register, request public comment, and issue its final regulations. The Department's proposal stated the regulations would go into effect on July 1, 2018.


ITC 2013 Distance Education Survey Results

Trends in eLearning: Tracking the Impact of eLearning at Community Colleges April 2014, Instructional Technology Council

2013 Distance Education Survey Results Cover, Published April 2014

In the fall of 2013, ITC invited its member institutions to provide valuable information about their programs to distance education practitioners.  One hundred and forty three community colleges completed the ITC survey.

In Focus: The Year in Review 2013: The Great Recession Continues, but Not for Everyone

In 2013, ITC’s national survey of distance education programs once again confirmed that student enrollment in online courses continues to grow at a higher rate than overall student enrollment at colleges and universities. Although, most online programs no longer see the double-digit growth they experienced only five years ago, a robust, steady increase in the popularity for online learning continues. Students have “voted with their feet” by enrolling in distance education courses when they are available. From fall 2012 to fall 2013, ITC’s survey participants reported a 5.2 percent rate of growth in student enrollment in their online programs.

Download this file (AnnualSurvey2013PublishedApril2014.pdf)ITC 2013 Distance Education Survey Results[Trends in eLearning: Tracking the Impact of eLearning at Community Colleges]1400 Kb

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