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Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges

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Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges
National Endowment for the Humanities

Application Deadline: Aug 14, 2012

NEH invites proposals for a cooperative agreement to develop and administer a national or regional (multistate) project to advance the role of the humanities at community colleges through curriculum and faculty development focused on the theme of Bridging Cultures.

This agency-wide initiative encourages exploration of the ways in which cultures from around the globe, as well as the myriad subcultures within America’s borders, have influenced American society. With the aim of revitalizing intellectual and civic life through the humanities, NEH welcomes proposals that enhance understanding of diverse countries, peoples, and cultural and intellectual traditions worldwide. Applications might also investigate how Americans have approached and attempted to surmount seemingly unbridgeable cultural divides, or examine the ideals of civility and civic discourse that have informed this quest.

Successful applicants will work in partnership with NEH to develop and implement a curriculum and professional development project for faculty members from community colleges across the United States or in a multistate region. The project will help community college faculty and administrators create new courses on Bridging Cultures themes or topics; design new course sequences, concentrations, and core curricula; or conduct scholarly research that will improve faculty preparation and enrich teaching.