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2017 eLearning Keynote Announced!

2017 eLearning Keynote Announced!Mimi Ito

Mizuko “Mimi” Ito, MS, EdD, PhD

Mobilizing Digital and Networked Media for the Longstanding Goals of Progressive Education.

“With information and social connection so abundant, it’s heartbreaking that not all learners have the same access to amazing educational opportunities that are relevant and keyed to their passionate interests,” Professor Ito says. The good news: “Through the smart deployment of new technology, we can begin to turn the tide.” As Chair of the MacArthur Foundation-funded Connected Learning Research Network, Professor Ito explores the opportunities and risks of learning afforded by today’s changing media ecology. “People assume education has to take place in the classroom with a teacher,” she says. “Instead, we should be leveraging new media to enhance learning when they’re engaged in the things that inspire them.”

Dr. Ito has a doctorate in Anthropology and a doctorate in Education, both from Stanford. Past workplaces include; University of Southern California's Annenberg Center and School of Cinematic Arts, The Institute for Research on Learning, Xerox PARC, Tokyo University, the National Institute for Educational Research in Japan, and Apple Computer.

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