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Ten Great Ways To Participate In National Distance Learning Week

November 6-10, 2017

The Annual Distance Learning Week is an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments, to recognize Balloonsthose who have worked hard, to inform others on campus of the importance of online learning and to advocate for greater support and resources to be able to do even more.  The ITC offers the following  “Ten Great Ways list to participate in National Distance Learning Week!"

  1. Meet with your supervisor/campus leadership Either discuss your program and the impact it has had on your campus (improved student access,  growth in enrollments, introducing faculty to technology/ technology-assisted instruction,  the creative uses of the campus LMS for non-instructional applications, etc.) or discuss the future of your program at your campus
  2. Recognize Distance Learning faculty Your faculty are a key element of your success as  a program.  And you likely have several faculty that are worthy of special recognition for a job done well.
  3. Recognize Distance Learning staff members   Your staff works very hard and deserves recognition for all that they do.  Find a way to say thank you to everyone on your staff. 
  4. Recognize those you work with on your campus. In the case of Distance Learning, it really does “take a village”.  Reach out to the many offices, departments and staff members you work with on a daily basis.  A simple “thank you for ALL that you do” can go a long way with your colleagues. 
  5. Send out a media alert to area media outlets You have a great story to tell.  The ITC has provided a draft media alert you can customize for your program  Be sure to work with your public information/communications officer.
  6. Host a campus forum  A forum is a great way to share your program’s history and progress and in the process, foster a dialog with faculty, staff AND students. 
  7. Do a special campus email series providing interesting facts about Distance Learning The ITC has developed a five-day series based on results from the Annual ITC National eLearning Survey.  You can add more specific information about your program as well.
  8. Complete the 2017 ITC National eLearning Survey The ITC survey is the oldest national eLearning survey and the only one that focuses on eLearning at community colleges.  Please take a few minutes this week to complete the survey – you have received a separate email link to the survey questions.
  9. Take advantage of the special ITC Webinar - Tuesday, November 7 -  Challenges of Accessibility Compliance & The ITC Accessibility Taskforce
    The webinar will discuss the importance of accessibility compliance, the challenges facing programs, and the newly created ITC Accessibility Taskforce.  The Taskforce is designed to help ITC members with compliance by providing a clear sense of what constitutes compliance, development of a recommended pathway to compliance for your program, and the identification of relevant and useful resources in support of compliance.    Click Here to register.
  10. Have a party! With your staff. With your faculty.  With your campus community.  A social gathering – perhaps with some cake – can be a great way to foster constructive dialog and build community.  And it can be fun!

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